Thursday, December 9, 2010

Finals Day 1

The first day of finals are done and gone. I had three today. The third was for my online class. I missed 24/75 multiple choice questions. That means I got at least a 66% on the test overall.

After taking the test I did some calculations to see what I needed to get a 80% in the class and what I needed to get a 90% in the class. All I lacked to get an A is 10 points. I would need a perfect score on the test and all 10 possible bonus points to have the A. The funny thing is-- I chose not to do one homework assignment for the class and it was worth 10 points.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Its the most... busiest time of the year

December. It's the most wonderful time of the year. There is no doubt about it (other than a few instances). Strangers helping other strangers and extending kindness. People being nicer to each other. Families spending time together. Christmas Carols. I love it!

But there is no doubt either that it is the most busy time of the year too. In the past years my friends and I have gone to two nursing homes to sing carols and visit the residents. We didn't have the time this year. Everyone was so busy with finals and classes and other festivities. I have yet to begin Christmas shopping-- 20 days left until the big day. It seems like theres an event practically every day.

I've even said that between adults, I wouldn't even mind if we didn't exchange gifts-- just give to the kids in the family and leave it at that. The rest of us just get to spend time together. It seems like that would make things a lot less stressful. Every year Christmas shopping becomes more and more difficult. I don't know what to get people and I don't know what to tell them I want. And if it spread to be a cultural thing of only buying for the kids then there might not be quite as much fighting over some of the items in stores on Black Friday and other major shopping days.

Whatever the matter... In all the business of the season... in all the time with family... all the time shopping... with friends... singing... getting into the Christmas spirt... Let's remember that Christ is the reason for it. God's gift!