Sunday, December 27, 2009


Computers. Are they the best thing ever invented or the worst? You decide.

For a college student though here are some of the things that come along with them.

Computers and the internet mean more homework. Teachers know that information is readily available on the internet...even if it does take hours and hours of searching to find something that is the least bit helpful. Having that information there at the fingertips means "faster" research and more sources. Translation: More research, more papers.

Computers mean procrastination. We have all done it. FACEBOOK. One minute it is homework, the next minute...I wonder what is happening in so and so's life. That one even applies to work for many people I am sure.

Then there is the inevitable loss of work. All of the out of class assignments are almost always required to be typed. For some of us we save work on a flash drive. Others save it on the computer itself. But what about leaving the flash drive somewhere. Or what about that virus or whatever the cause that crashes the computer. The work is gone.

I just backed everything up on my laptop computer and formatted it today. A lot of stuff on it worked when it wanted to which MIGHT be 25% of the time. I reinstalled Windows Vista (worthless garbage) and now I cannot access the internet on my laptop. I have spent at least five hours trying to figure that one out to no avail.

Without the internet there is really not a whole lot I am able to do with it. I can't access the software I need to install: security, Microsoft Office 2007, Windows 7 updates... even some of the things I have on CD's requires me to go online. To top things off, the only solution my computer seems to give me to my internet problem is "would you like to search for a solution online?" OF COURSE I WOULD!

I think Microsoft and HP must be geniuses to figure that one out. Now they should figure out how to give out free CD copies of Windows 7 to all of us who have suffered through their terrible tragedy: Vista.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. For many places in Arkansas it is a white one, or at least saw snow.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Think of a story about pirates that you heard as a child. One thing you might connect with those stories is a map with an X that marks the spot of a buried treasure.

Geocaching offers a small glimpse into the world of buried treasure, even if it is not going to take you to riches or it is not really buried. It can take you to a wide variety of places, environments, and terrains.

I received a hand-held GPS unit for my birthday in November. I'd been wanting to try geocaching for a long time at that point. I finally got the opportunity to really begin this month. It has been a blast!

Some advice:

1) Get to know your equipment. That was the mistake I made. I learned how to use my GPS unit on that first trip. I ended up hiking halfway around Mt. Nebo in attempt to find a cache hidden there.

2) Take a friend. It is a whole lot more fun when you take a friend along, especially when driving around an area going after more than one in a day. It also is safer.

3) Carry a pen with you. Some caches are micros and contain a log only. Others are larger and may have writing utensils, but they may or may not work. Many caches are damp inside.

4) Learn to be sneaky. Some caches you will simply have to wait for people to leave. Others you may have to leave and come back to later. Don't let anyone see you at one of them or it could disappear.

5) HAVE FUN. It is entertaining. It does take you many places you might not otherwise go.

Some of the caches have really cool items in them. Others may just be small trinkets such as an army man toy, or toy car. I saw one where someone put a rock in! But, even if it is just a log book, or silly little things, when you come to the item you have been searching, there is a feeling of accomplishment.

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Short Drive in Time

Christmas break has officially begun. I got back to Conway, along with my friend Yan, around 8 pm Tuesday night. Wednesday I had a dentist appointment and then we went into Sherwood for my grandmother's appointment. Finally, on Thursday, we got around to doing a little bit of exploring around Conway.

To spice it up a little bit I decided to get some coordinates so we could find some caches in the different areas we went.

First we went to Toad Suck Ferry Park in far West Conway. I always knew this park was here but never knew about the history, and had never visited it. The bridge has only been there for 40 years, replacing the ferry in 1970.

We later went to Cadron Settlement Park. I've been there many times but only walked around the main part which offers a lot of historical information. It talks about the trail of tears along with other historic information. But after that we went hiking to look for the cache (which we would not find). Along the trail we found an old grave site that I never knew was there.

Later we went to eat at Stoby's and then to Laurel Park.

I am sure there are a lot of interesting things in everyone's home towns, you just have to do a little digging. I would encourage you to find something interesting over the break.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Final Final

Finals are almost over. My last one was in Spanish this morning at 8 AM. Bright (or cloudy) and early. It seems like almost every final is at 8 AM. Some how my friends and I just pick the right classes so that if we have a final it lands at 8 AM. That takes some talent.

For me, I only had to wake up two days to do finals. Most of my classes either did not have finals, or had final projects which caused me to lose a lot of sleep over the past few weeks. I have heard my friends say this has been the easiest semester of finals they have ever had.

As finals end, things are starting to wind down. Now that I no longer need my computer for school work it seems to be running alright. I received a boot error every time I booted it up, and if it logged out the account did not exist to log back in. I finally booted in safe mode, rather than recovery mode. When I did that it finished updating and seems to be OK now.

The end of the semester also means a lot of students will be heading home. Home could be Jonesboro, the surrounding area, Arkansas, a surrounding state, even states on the other side of the country. Then there are the international students who have a few choices: stay with a friend, go home to their family (lots of money...), or live of campus all together.

I will be taking a friend from China home with me over the break. This should be an enjoyable break. I will let you know if it is too long or short. I know I will be pressed for time, but I will try to update a couple of times over break. We will be going to Central Arkansas. For that time frame it will mostly be things to do around that area.

Safe Travel!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Party party party

I think I have been to more parties last week and more to come this week, than I have been in my entire college career.

The Christmas festivities all started last Thursday. It was the annual carols and candles at TNT. Then Friday we practiced for caroling. Saturday was the Christmas party at Eric and Leanne's. Following it was Josh's Birthday party.

Sunday we went caroling at St. Bernard's Retirement Home. That went fairly well, though we had to do some re planning in the middle. We had printer errors and so some of us stayed behind to get songs printed out. Others went on to the home and stalled for time by visiting with the residents.

Monday we had a Christmas party in news editing, and also in newspaper staff meeting. Today we are going caroling at South Wind Heights Retirement home. It is at 7 PM. Wednesday is Christmas on Campus. Thursday I plan on baking cookies for Christmas. Sometime Thursday or Friday I will begin making a gingerbread house. Saturday night we will ring the bells for the Salvation Army.

Christmas brings so many things to do. There is so much to do and so little time. But it is great. There is no time to get bored. Of course it means finals are just around the corner so in between all the fun stuff it is important to make time to study.

To the students: good luck on finals and have a safe trip wherever you go over Christmas Break.

To everyone: Have a very merry Christmas and happy new year.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last week of classes 2009

Last week of classes: That time of year students have a million things to do and only a week to do it. That is pretty much it.

I really don't have time to write this blog so I am going to keep it short. As my fellow college students will know, there are only two more days of classes left. YAY! Right? Wrong?

What that really means: It is time for everyone to turn in projects that you have had two or three weeks to work on. The problem? That is usually at least two or three projects if not more. And that is on top of all the other class work and extra curricular activities.

The good news: Only two more days until a whole month of stress free time. Who cares about finals, the final projects are more stressing than those little things.

Good luck to everyone on their finals next week.