Monday, March 29, 2010

Bomb Threat

As most people at ASU heard at some point today, there was a bomb threat at our library. The police department used the emergency alert system promptly to warn students to stay clear of the building. I had friends in the building at the time and so I asked if they pulled the fire alarms to get everyone out or what. He told me they used the PA system. I went on Facebook and found a lot of status updates. I got probably 10 text messages within 10 minutes from friends. A little excitement around here I guess.

They ended up having to cancel some classes. The library remains closed until tomorrow morning. All because (most likely) a prank. A stupid prank.  A news report in The Herald says someone found a piece of paper on the first floor that had the threat on it. Who knows how long it was there. Again I am sure it is a joke, but they have to take these things seriously. Hopefully they can find the person behind it.

A little humor came from The Herald, for which I am a staff writer. The breaking news story finally showed up about 5 hours later on the website. The headline reads something like, "Bomb threat evacuates library, adjacent building." <-- Oh really? The bomb threat evacuated? How interesting. I figured the people would evacuate.

A lot of people are behind because of canceled classes, after already missing several days previously in the semester because of snow. I know I am needing some books to work on a research paper. That got delayed another day. But there is always tomorrow and a late night in the library. Those tend to happen quite frequently here.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break

This is by far one of my favorite breaks of the school year. Its warm, for the most part anyway. This year I spent the first part with my Mom and step dad in Sheridan. My niece and nephew also stayed with them.

We went to the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock, Heifer International, and the Old Mill on Monday. Tuesday we spent the day in burns park. I introduced my niece and nephew to Geocaching Monday and so we found about seven in Burns Park on Tuesday. It was nice to get out caching again-- I have missed it during all the cold weather.

Today I had to come to Conway for a Dentist appointment (and a disappointment on the way). Honestly, I would have preferred staying in Sheridan the whole week. But, on the way I stopped at a truck stop to find a cache. I sunk in mud and I think I got cut by every thorn in the woods. Unfortunately, I never found the Geocache and did not have time to try the second.

Now I am at Somethings Brewing hanging out with a friend and still procrastinating homework. I really would prefer to go back to Sheridan. I don't want to be in Conway. I don't want to do homework. And I don't want to go back to classes on Monday.

I hope everyone is having a great spring break!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I discovered forms today on Google because of a survey I took for our school. When I found that I could create a form myself for free using Google Docs, I just had to test it out.

I think it will come in handy for research later in life and in website design--especially for free hosts.

I would like to know a little more about my viewers so please take a minute and fill out the following form. Thank you for your time and views.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Warmer Weather

The weather is finally warming up and that means time for fun! Saturday night some friends and I went to Craighead Forest Park and built a fire in a grill to roast marshmallows and eat s'mores. It was nice. Then Sunday came and it was even warmer.

Finally, today (Monday) the weather was amazing! I really wished we could have had classes outside. I ended up spending an hour laying in the amphitheater area on campus, just enjoying the nice weather.

I hope the warming up is a sign of things to come. This is one of the best seasons of the year.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Campus Ministries

Tonight I went to the BCM. Every Thursday night we have TNT (Thursday Nights Together) from 6:15 until 7:30. Tonight we had special guests. The United Gospel Choir came and worshiped with us and also performed.

It was an amazing night of worship. The band played, the choir sang and Arliss delivered another message in the series. Tonight's was Pivotal Circumstances. The brief part of the definition I copied down of what those are is as follows: Time or circumstances that directs who you are. They can be good or bad circumstances.

It was a little ironic actually that this was the sermon. This past week God has been using some issues to teach me a lesson. I received two emails from people I know fairly well and I basically felt like I was being stabbed in the back. It angered me. The first one came on Sunday. I prayed for help in forgiveness. And the next day I was calm and over it. God was telling me something, I knew it. I concluded it was this: Each time I sin, it is like I am stabbing HIM in the back. Yet every time, he forgives me. Not only that, but there are more than 5 billion people in the world that he has to feel that from.

I guess my situation isn't so bad after all. Of course I went through it again on Tuesday morning. I ended up skipping another bible study then just so I could have alone time with God. It was more important for me to settle things alone with God.

The passage was James 1:2-4 which has been a recurring theme lately. Consider it pure joy in trials and temptations. It produces endurance and perseverance. God does use the bad times to teach us. It isn't a sin to be tempted, it is a sin to follow through with the temptations.

But enough about me. I would encourage you to get involved with a campus ministry. Almost all of them meet on Thursday nights. There are many to choose from: Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Church of Christ, etc.