Monday, January 7, 2013

Progress Report

Last week I wrote about some of my serious new years resolutions. This year I tried to go a step further than any previous year by not only setting the goals, but setting steps to achieve those goals. So, although I haven't even come close to achieving what I want to, I have made some progress. I began cleaning and reorganizing on Thursday and finished up by Sunday.

It turned out to be a bigger ordeal than originally planned and included cleaning out some trash, cleaning out my closet and moving around furniture. I still have more stuff to go through sometime when I have some time, but it is amazing how much more space I have now and I even sleep better at night with this organization -- awesome.

So, I officially have a makeshift office that will allow me to sit at a desk without so many distractions when I need to. I even went as far as to label some files for various paid bills, pay stubs and tax info. Within the next few days my letter organizer should be here to put on my desk. This reorganizing was a step toward my first and primary goal, so hopefully new, good habits will soon be starting.

In other news, my lesson for today: Open mouth insert foot. Definitely embarrassed myself at work today, but that is another story.

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