Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rare Experiences

Leaves flutter to the ground all around me, making a clicking noise as they hit the branches. Squirrels jump from limb to limb in the treetops. Then I see what I was looking for. Inside the treeline stood a deer.

It was the second buck I have seen while hunting alone. I still have not shot one. Unfortunately for me, it was an illegal deer. It's horns were not big enough.

But anyway, today was the opening of modern gun season for deer hunting. I drove to Conway Friday afternoon and then jumped in the truck with my Dad and was on the road for another three hours. We got to South Arkansas around 9 PM.

Then dark and early Saturday morning (today) it was time to crawl out of the warm sleeping bag. The alarm did not go up so we ended up getting out of bed an hour late at 6 AM. We rushed getting ready and headed out to the stands.

We spent the day hunting. I think I was around the cabin, not hunting for maybe 2 hours out of a 11 hour time frame. It is one of the experiences that is rare during college. Guns are not allowed on campus so I have no place to store my gun but at home. And on top of that there is no place to go.

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