Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Round Two

Arkansas State University students had a four-day weekend this past week. Classes did not begin until Wednesday!

This time around university officials waited until the morning to cancel classes, instead of 8 p.m the previous night. I know several students kept expecting it at night. I for one think they made the right choice to wait, but why did the even close campus?

Honestly, the roads all seemed to be clear. Class was canceled on Monday and Tuesday. Last week, during round one, classes resumed the following Monday. It was worse then than it was on Tuesday.

I'm not quite sure how they decided to close or remain open but it didn't seem consistent. Oh well. The sidewalks are almost clear again. Snow from round one and round two is still on the ground bu maybe it will melt soon.

The hours of daylight is increasing. Hopefully the warmer weather can come soon. Campus life is a lot more fun spent outside than it is indoors.

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