Sunday, September 19, 2010

MWF vs. TR

I've often wished that I had the gap between my Friday class and my Monday class that I have between by Thursday class and Tuesday class. It just doesn't seem fair to go to the same classes back to back with the weekend in between.

The diagrams in this blog are represented by colored blocks. The red signifies having no class. The Yellow is what we typically call a MWF class. The blue is what is typically a TR class. The red column on the left is Sunday, the red column on the right is Saturday.

The first diagram I have is of how the current system works:

So I was thinking, what could be done to change this. The first idea I had would look something like this:
 But, I know this is not feasible. The checker-board design would be nice with a few exceptions. Most of us students would forget which class to go to on which days. It would change each week. Then there also comes the time difference. Classes that meet twice per week meet for 75 minutes per class. Classes that meet three times per week meet 50 minutes per class. This year I have 4 classes on MWF. When they are converted into TR classes, that would be 300 minutes of class, compared to the current 150 minutes that it is currently. That would be insane!

So I came up with a more feasible idea, that again has the problem of how the hours are divided. Just give us Fridays off and make all classes meet 2x per week!

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