Thursday, September 9, 2010


Scholarships: Those things that help keep many of us from going into debt (or lower it). The things that allow us to go to school. Why do they have some of the regulations they do?

Time Limits: Most scholarships expire after four years. Why not agree to pay for a certain amount of credits (maybe the maximum a student could take in four years)? If it were not four the four-year time limit on my scholarships I would take fewer hours. But even that is not possible under the full-time student requirement.

Full-time Student Requirement: A full-time student is usually someone who takes 12 hours in a semester. That is the case here. But in terms of full time for many scholarships it is 15 hours. Why 15 hours? Probably so that we graduate in four years. Although, my major requires so many hours that (even though one is for tuition and fees) my scholarship won't even cover all of them. I have to take more than 15 hours in some semesters. Why all of these technicalities? Maybe their intention is for students to drop below the GPA standard and lose the scholarships? I don't know.

GPA Requirement: Most scholarships require a minimum of a 2.5 or a 3.0 GPA. Some require higher GPA's. This requirement would be much easier to meet if I did not have to take 12, 15, 18 hours of class in order to graduate in four years. That is a minimum of five classes each semester. Sometimes it means taking six, as in this one. One class specifically is probably being taught like a graduate class. We are expected to read one chapter and answer the questions, read a newspaper article, along with other assignments. This generally takes me at least three hours and that's being generous. There have been several times already I have spent 8+ hours working for this class. Then I have five other classes.

I have two literature classes. I have a conversation class. I have a business class. All of them require reading and homework as well. Then there is the online Public Relations. I tend to neglect it because of having so much other homework.

I am thankful to have a scholarship; so far I have not taken any loans. But--couldn't the state find some better way to give the aid?

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