Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Job Search Begins

January 2011. New years resolutions. Goals to better ourselves. For me, the new year means something else this year: only one semester to graduate. Fifteen hours of class away. And then what?

My first application is in. It is to teach English is Spain for up to three years. I feel confident that I should be able to get the job, but I won't find out until April. I am a little nervous taking an overseas job my first year out of school but equally excited. But in case that doesn't pan out, it is time to research other opportunities.

I will have to have a job before I go to Spain, even if I do get it; it wouldn't start until October. So now I am in the beginning phase of the job search: finding places to submit a resume. So far I have found more than 25 magazines in Arkansas and Memphis. Now I have to go through them and find which ones are legitimate possibilities and research the outlets. So begins the process. It is hard to believe it is that time. It seems like I just started college! How time flies!

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