Monday, February 15, 2016

2040 Miles of Highway

Today I returned from a 2040 mile road trip. With no specific plan except to drive eastward and not use the interstate until our return trip, Ashley and I set off and eventually ended up driving about 1,025 miles on various U.S. and state highways to end up on the beach in South Carolina.

We didn't know how far we would get or even where we would end up, but hoped to see sights that we would otherwise miss by traveling by interstate. By Friday afternoon we had ended up back on U.S. 278 again and after determining we were too far North of Birmingham decided to continue following the U.S. highway. Two of the main things we saw were the longest "natural bridge" East of the Rocky Mountains and a covered bridge before ending up in Atlanta. We ended up Googling Atlanta and decided to stay the night, only to pay $20 for parking the first night and deciding to skip the activities we planned for Saturday. Instead we used the GPS and navigated via the back roads to Charleston, SC.

After officially reaching the coast, we began using the Interstate system. Before leaving the area we found a national park and even ended up seeing dolphins. Then it was on to I-26 all the way to I-40 and into the Smoky Mountains, then home.

It was an enjoyable trip but a tiring one. I am hopeful that I will be better about writing a few more follow up blogs about this trip than ones in the past:

  • Comparison of interstate driving and back road driving
  • Blogs by destination
  • Food


Please leave your comments about the topic or post!!! :)