Friday, February 12, 2016

Destination Unknown Part 2: Houston, Mississippi to Atlanta, Georgia

Day two of our roadtrip began early Friday morning. We began the day by picking up a geocache in a local park in Houston before heading slightly north and eventually picking u p Highway 278 again. We traveled 278 most of the day with a few turns here and there to avoid following an interstate. But we would always find our way back. We haven't been using maps or a GPS on the trip so we hoped to end up in Birmingham and/or Huntsville but our route ended up passing North of one and South of the other. We did, however, make two stops -- the first one at the longest natural bridge East of the Rockies and the second at a covered bridge.

Based on road signs, we ended up making up our mind that we would try to make it to Atlanta. Ashley began looking at things to do in the city and we settled on staying in Georgia for the night. We decided to continue avoiding the interstate but to use the GPS once we were within 30 miles of Atlanta so we could find a hotel. After unloading the car, we headed on into downtown to find food and figure out where we were going Saturday morning for the Olympic park and CoaCola tour.

A word of advice, make sure there are no events in downtown Atlanta before going. We ended up paying $20 to park. Based on the price and the time to our next goal, we decided we will probably skip the tour and downtown tomorrow and continue on our journey. We now have the goal of reaching the East Coast without using interstates. Once we reach the coast, we will have driven from Sheridan, Ark. to the East Coast without using any interstates. After meeting that goal we will go as far as we can (using interstates) or until we reach that Appalachians. We hope to have time to spend a few hours in Gatlinburg and Smokey Mountain National Park.

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