Sunday, December 27, 2009


Computers. Are they the best thing ever invented or the worst? You decide.

For a college student though here are some of the things that come along with them.

Computers and the internet mean more homework. Teachers know that information is readily available on the internet...even if it does take hours and hours of searching to find something that is the least bit helpful. Having that information there at the fingertips means "faster" research and more sources. Translation: More research, more papers.

Computers mean procrastination. We have all done it. FACEBOOK. One minute it is homework, the next minute...I wonder what is happening in so and so's life. That one even applies to work for many people I am sure.

Then there is the inevitable loss of work. All of the out of class assignments are almost always required to be typed. For some of us we save work on a flash drive. Others save it on the computer itself. But what about leaving the flash drive somewhere. Or what about that virus or whatever the cause that crashes the computer. The work is gone.

I just backed everything up on my laptop computer and formatted it today. A lot of stuff on it worked when it wanted to which MIGHT be 25% of the time. I reinstalled Windows Vista (worthless garbage) and now I cannot access the internet on my laptop. I have spent at least five hours trying to figure that one out to no avail.

Without the internet there is really not a whole lot I am able to do with it. I can't access the software I need to install: security, Microsoft Office 2007, Windows 7 updates... even some of the things I have on CD's requires me to go online. To top things off, the only solution my computer seems to give me to my internet problem is "would you like to search for a solution online?" OF COURSE I WOULD!

I think Microsoft and HP must be geniuses to figure that one out. Now they should figure out how to give out free CD copies of Windows 7 to all of us who have suffered through their terrible tragedy: Vista.

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