Monday, December 14, 2009

Final Final

Finals are almost over. My last one was in Spanish this morning at 8 AM. Bright (or cloudy) and early. It seems like almost every final is at 8 AM. Some how my friends and I just pick the right classes so that if we have a final it lands at 8 AM. That takes some talent.

For me, I only had to wake up two days to do finals. Most of my classes either did not have finals, or had final projects which caused me to lose a lot of sleep over the past few weeks. I have heard my friends say this has been the easiest semester of finals they have ever had.

As finals end, things are starting to wind down. Now that I no longer need my computer for school work it seems to be running alright. I received a boot error every time I booted it up, and if it logged out the account did not exist to log back in. I finally booted in safe mode, rather than recovery mode. When I did that it finished updating and seems to be OK now.

The end of the semester also means a lot of students will be heading home. Home could be Jonesboro, the surrounding area, Arkansas, a surrounding state, even states on the other side of the country. Then there are the international students who have a few choices: stay with a friend, go home to their family (lots of money...), or live of campus all together.

I will be taking a friend from China home with me over the break. This should be an enjoyable break. I will let you know if it is too long or short. I know I will be pressed for time, but I will try to update a couple of times over break. We will be going to Central Arkansas. For that time frame it will mostly be things to do around that area.

Safe Travel!

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