Monday, December 21, 2009


Think of a story about pirates that you heard as a child. One thing you might connect with those stories is a map with an X that marks the spot of a buried treasure.

Geocaching offers a small glimpse into the world of buried treasure, even if it is not going to take you to riches or it is not really buried. It can take you to a wide variety of places, environments, and terrains.

I received a hand-held GPS unit for my birthday in November. I'd been wanting to try geocaching for a long time at that point. I finally got the opportunity to really begin this month. It has been a blast!

Some advice:

1) Get to know your equipment. That was the mistake I made. I learned how to use my GPS unit on that first trip. I ended up hiking halfway around Mt. Nebo in attempt to find a cache hidden there.

2) Take a friend. It is a whole lot more fun when you take a friend along, especially when driving around an area going after more than one in a day. It also is safer.

3) Carry a pen with you. Some caches are micros and contain a log only. Others are larger and may have writing utensils, but they may or may not work. Many caches are damp inside.

4) Learn to be sneaky. Some caches you will simply have to wait for people to leave. Others you may have to leave and come back to later. Don't let anyone see you at one of them or it could disappear.

5) HAVE FUN. It is entertaining. It does take you many places you might not otherwise go.

Some of the caches have really cool items in them. Others may just be small trinkets such as an army man toy, or toy car. I saw one where someone put a rock in! But, even if it is just a log book, or silly little things, when you come to the item you have been searching, there is a feeling of accomplishment.

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