Monday, March 29, 2010

Bomb Threat

As most people at ASU heard at some point today, there was a bomb threat at our library. The police department used the emergency alert system promptly to warn students to stay clear of the building. I had friends in the building at the time and so I asked if they pulled the fire alarms to get everyone out or what. He told me they used the PA system. I went on Facebook and found a lot of status updates. I got probably 10 text messages within 10 minutes from friends. A little excitement around here I guess.

They ended up having to cancel some classes. The library remains closed until tomorrow morning. All because (most likely) a prank. A stupid prank.  A news report in The Herald says someone found a piece of paper on the first floor that had the threat on it. Who knows how long it was there. Again I am sure it is a joke, but they have to take these things seriously. Hopefully they can find the person behind it.

A little humor came from The Herald, for which I am a staff writer. The breaking news story finally showed up about 5 hours later on the website. The headline reads something like, "Bomb threat evacuates library, adjacent building." <-- Oh really? The bomb threat evacuated? How interesting. I figured the people would evacuate.

A lot of people are behind because of canceled classes, after already missing several days previously in the semester because of snow. I know I am needing some books to work on a research paper. That got delayed another day. But there is always tomorrow and a late night in the library. Those tend to happen quite frequently here.

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