Friday, April 9, 2010

Backup Copy

After going tot he lab, I found a few files in the trash. I saved them and then opened it on my computer. It worked! That meant that I had to redesign my cover because it was not there, but at least my spread was safe!
I was thinking last night that I needed to come up with a topic for another blog. I thought about it and had every intention of writing about the international community here at Arkansas State University. I guess now I have a topic for the future.

The picture above is a rough draft of my front cover design for my News Design class. I like it. There are some changes I need to make like changing some text, font colors and positions. (Click the image to see the whole image.)

The problem is, I have one copy on my flash drive that is a .indd file which is for Adobe CS4. I have it on my laptop and used it to make the files.

The project is the front design, and a two-page spread. I spent probably five hours or more on my spread and probably three to four hours on my cover design.

When I went to class on Wednesday I did not take my laptop because of the coming rain. I opened the wrong file on the MAC which has only CS3. I did not try to save the file. But when I went back to my computer my file crashes InDesign every time. I have deleted the recovery file and it still crashes. The Recovery file itself crashes it. Yet I can start a new document.

Both my spread and cover are in the same .indd file. To make things worse, for some reason the PDF version of my spread is not even working properly. It shows one picture but no text and none of the other images. I went to a lab today to look at my files on the server only to find I had one copy of the .indd file there and it causes the same problem. My next hope is at 1P.M during open lab in the classroom I have been working. I hope that I may have deleted some .indd files from the server and they might remain in the trash. I've got my fingers crossed. If I am lucky, maybe I won't have to spend the next day redoing a project that I am practically already done with.

The moral of this story: Listen to your instructors. Most of the time they advise you to have a copy of your own, the copy on the computer, and another copy backed up on your personal computer, another flash drive, or an external hard drive. You should have three copies. And now I am a believer. I understand why.

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