Sunday, April 25, 2010

End of Semester Adventure

I don't think their is a muscle in my body that is not sore. I am exhausted. A group of 13 of us went to the Current River in Doniphan, Missouri for a float trip today. It was a blast. We had students from all over the world with us, most of whom had never experienced canoeing and kayaking before.

That was our adventure for this school year. Not five minutes into the trip YW flipped the kayak he was in. He goes back to the insert point and rides a mile down the river. Josh tows the kayak. En route to pick YW back up JC has some trouble and flips his Kayak. AMo and I go to help him. We get his oar, kayak, and he jumps into the canoe with us. We head to a pier a hundred yards down the river.

The next came with AL and YW when they broadsided a brush pile. The canoe flipped sideways, with the water rushing into the hollow side. YW ends up on one side with AL on the other. The canoe is stuck. Some of us kayak back up to help. JP's kayak gets filled with water. I am able to get some clothing items and an oar. I pass the oar off and by this point have been pushed back some ways.

I decide to paddle over to the island in the middle of the river. I take my life vest off, shirt off and put the vest back on. I walk up the shore and then bail off and swim across the river, washing into the crash site to assist. It took us an hour to release the canoe. JC, YW, and I all three worked on it. We stood in the brush pile, rocking the canoe. There was a large stick up that we rocked it against and it would push one end up some. Eventually wet moved it to the left and it went downstream. We managed to do that without anyone getting tangled up in the old ropes or tarp that was in the water.

JP spent a lot of time towing in rescue efforts. We changed seating arrangements and took rowing privileges away from YW. That put AL, YW, and me in a canoe. We had one kayak left over so JW towed it. He and DJ towed the waterlogged canoe to the nearest bank.

We had a fun-filled adventure, filled with a lot of teamwork. It was an awesome time before the stress-filled week of finals.

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