Saturday, April 24, 2010

The days before finals

Well the semester has almost come to an end. Monday is the last day of regular classes. Tuesday is dead day and then it is finals! This year has flown by.

The weather was bad this weekend but it provided some great catch-up time. Friday I went to the cafeteria and about the time we were getting ready to leave Craighead County went under a tornado warning. It was time for us to leave the cafeteria before they forced us into the cramped shelter area in the union.

So of course-- we go to the third floor of the parking garage and watch the sky. The tornado touched down in Cash, which is on my route home, but is far enough away we never saw funnel clouds or anything. It was clear where we were and we watched the sky grow darker and darker to the northwest. Sure enough it went around us toward Bono and Paragould. The sirens started sounding about the time I drove up into our parking lot. The weather was bad but we had decided to reschedule the float trip until Sunday at this point. I stayed in my room and worked on paperwork for my summer internship. That was boring, but it had to be done.

Today I spent several hours in the library. I got one page of my five page Spanish research paper finished. I completed all but two questions on my HMM study guide a week before the test. I scanned and emailed the paperwork from Friday night. It was a very productive day. After dinner I began the end of the year task: packing. I haven't packed a lot. But I did take most of the things down off my walls, gathered some leisurely reading books that I never got around to reading this year, packed some extra clothes, and gathered other stuff I won't need in the next week or so. I still have a little bit more I can probably pack, but I have a week to do it. My dad will come up Saturday to get it. After he comes I will be left with very little in my room and only a few days before returning to Conway. Then its time to hit the preparation road hard, getting ready for the internship.

Hope to go floating tomorrow. If not it may be another day of homework, or maybe just relaxing outside in the nicer weather.

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