Sunday, August 15, 2010

Collegiate Park

I am officially a resident in Collegiate Park now. I moved in this morning. I like it a lot. The closet is a lot bigger which means the bedroom itself is a little bit smaller but honestly, it doesn't seem smaller. There seems to be a lot more storage space actually. The only thing I don't like in my bedroom is the bed can't be raised.

The bathroom is even a good arrangement. Unfortunately this morning I did have one problem. I left Conway at 7 am and checked in here at 9:15. I had my car unloaded by 10 am. At that point I went to take a shower and realized I'd forgotten something important: ASU no longer furnishes a shower curtain. I took a shower anyway and splattered water all over the place. But the showers are nice. They have shelves and everything built in. I did find the towel bar falls off the wall...

It will be a fun year.

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