Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This weekend was amazing! We missed several people this year, but many new people came. The bonfire had been planned for New Years Eve but was canceled because of rain. We rescheduled for this past weekend and had a lot of fun.
(Left to right: [ Yi Chen (squatted), Ashley Handcock, Derrick Brockman, Duane Johnson, Asuka Morimoto, CG]

We left campus around 1:30 on Saturday and headed to Sheridan. Once we arrived we unloaded the cars into the spare bedroom. In the process of getting the firewood to the park area, several of the non-drivers got to drive my mom's fourwheeler which is a lot like a car. Later we went on a tour of the property, before returning to the fire for dinner and s'mores.
Dusty holding a s'more

After a nice time around the fire, and a few marshmallow fights later, we went inside for a night of karaoke.
(From left to right: CG, Ashley Handcock, Dusty Johnson (green), Derrick Brockman, Yi Chen (Red) and Mizuki Ueno open up the Karaoke with Lady Gaga's Poker Face.)
Later we all made a recording of Hallelujah (the one from Shrek).

We had an amazing break from school work. We returned to Jonesboro Sunday evening and had dinner at the Hibachi Grill.

Thank you to my mom for letting me use her photos in the blog. I was a bad journalist and forgot my camera!

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