Monday, February 28, 2011

Old Days

Candle light is often perceived as romantic, and perhaps it is. But when the power goes out, as it did this weekend in Sheridan where I was, it reminded me of history and the movies I have seen when they had no electric lights. Even when there was power but I could not find a flashlight, I took a candle and lit it to walk by outside.

But when the power went out on Saturday it was all candle-light. I enjoyed it. It meant spending time without electronics (or at least the ability to recharge them after they drained). We spent the time (that would have been eating dinner and probably watching TV) playing a non-electronic game: Farkle, by candle-light.

It was to dim to read by because the candles were mostly "smell-good" candles not meant for light. But it took my imagination to the old days. We were in the middle of no where, without electricity. I imagined the metal candle holder with a handle to cary it around for light.

I also thought that, although it will probably never happen, one of my future homes I would like to be in a rural area. I would like it to be semi-rustic. It would have all the modern things such as electric lights, bathrooms, and all that, but also have it set up for candles. Candles last a long time, especially the ones that when they melt, re-harden after they cool. So when a lot of light is not necessary I could use candles instead and save energy. It was an interesting thought and an interesting weekend. Weekends are always too short!

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