Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Well, I may get in trouble for writing this blog if SHE finds it. I guess I really embarassed someone today but I am happy and I think she is too.

It has been building for a while. I have liked her for a lot longer than she has liked me but we both like each other. We tried to be just friends but it didn't work. Finally I had to have the talk that lead to the best Valentines Day ever!

I asked her if she wanted to try actually dating; afterall, we were basically dating without calling it that anyway. Most people already thought we were dating.

So I took her and let her choose a gift. I had the idea of letter her choose the chocolates she liked best, but instead she chose a bear. And then I told her to go do her shopping while I got a surprise card. After that we went to the bank and finally we went to the local park and took a walk around the lake.

Then to finish the day we went to the cafeteria (this was the one day it was worth paying to get in) and to the library. It was probably one of the best school days of the year!

I look forward to being able to call her by girlfriend and spending time with her. With it being in the public and not "hidden" I really hope not only does it help her and I, but some of my friendships that have been hurting lately. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Again, thanks to my mom for the photos.

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  1. you are getting in serious troble! hehe ;)


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