Thursday, March 15, 2012


Once more I come to you almost a week later with breaking news... O.K. maybe it isn't breaking news, especially when it is a week late... But it was a new experience: getting a haircut in a foreign language.

I have been meaning to get a haircut for several weeks now. My hair was getting too long to deal with and the temperatures are finally warming up here in Southwest Spain. During my weekend trip to Gibraltar I even thought about visiting a barbershop so that I could explain what I wanted in English. But, I didn't have time. And I was too sore to do much of anything but come home on Sunday.

But finally, on Monday, I had my haircut in Spain. It reminded me of how children are always afraid of their first haircut. I felt like a child. I imagined coming out of the peluquerĂ­a with some strange hairstyle. But, whats the worst that could happen? If it were horrible I could always come home and shave my head. Not that I wanted to be bald or anything. Luckily, that isn't what happened.

I explained in Spanish that I wanted my hair very short, with only enough left to protect me from the sun. I said I wanted it short on the sides and the top. Even at the end of the haircut it wasn't quite as short as I wanted, but I was tired of trying to explain that it could be shorter. I didn't have the vocabulary to explain in depth how I wanted it. So I finally said thats fine. And when I got home, I took scissors and cut my sideburns (another word I didn't know in Spanish so I was unable to ask her to cut them).

It wasn't as short as I had wanted but everyone seems to like the new, short hair. Just like as a child, I learned getting a haircut, even in a foreign language, isn't that bad after all.

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