Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Successful Trip to Gibraltar

I have returned from a safe and fun trip to Gibraltar. I think that this is the first trip (other than going home at Christmas) where I didn't really encounter any major problems.

After buying my ticket from Sevilla to La Linea de la Concepcion, I began feeling sick. I began thinking about just going home. About 15 minutes before my bus I was sick. But then I felt better so I decided to go for it. But just in case, I bought a plastic "sick" bag for the four hour bus ride. Luckily I didn't need it; I blame it on the beer I had before going to Sevilla.

I made it back to Huelva today, along with my passport. And I have a souvenir: soreness in muscles I didn't even know existed. The rock of Gibraltar is about 1,400 feet tall and I hiked up and down it for about 12 hours. In total I walked about 20 miles on Saturday.

I will try to write a blog or two about the travels here soon and post some pictures.

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