Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Almost time to Return

Well this break has been a blast. As a college student who can also enjoy childish things at time it has been great! From hiking, geocaching, fishing, boating, skating, touring, bonfires and snipe hunting-- there has been a ton to do.

Recently friends from all over the state, many of which may even read this blog, came down to Sheridan for a bonfire. We took some of them on a snipe hunt. That was definitely interesting, even if my life was on the line because of it.

The weather has finally started becoming cold. The pond at my Mom and stepdad's house is freezing. It took about five punches yesterday in order to break it. It was about an inch thick. It had refrozen by last night and I broke it again. This morning it was at least an inch thick again when I broke it. I put my weight on my hands and it broke, yet my friend still tried to stand on it and broke it.

When we got back to Conway we drove down to the lake by the house. I decided to find some rocks to throw and try to break it. Evidently someone else had the same idea at some point-- there were rocks all on the ice. I never managed to sink one through the ice. I did break it in places but they continued to slide. Finally, I slid myself out on the ice a little and took a picture while it was cracking around me.

It should be an interesting winter if things actually stay cold. Arkansas might finally see one!

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