Sunday, May 2, 2010


Well this post is just a little late but here it goes anyway.

Friday night (part 2, Part 1 will not be explained) we went to rent some movies because the weather was going to be bad. We rented: Free Willy: Escape from Pirates Bay, and Hachi. We get back and are about to watch it when we find out a tornado is supposedly heading our way. We go downstairs to the lobby. We were in for a very interesting night, but it was cool.

When we got to the lobby there were two other people there. We sat down there and more and more people showed up. Five or six international students from Chile were there, along with some other Americans. The Chileans were speaking in Spanish and once I heard them long enough to understand it was definitely Spanish, I said to them, "De donde son ustedes?" A friend with me said they looked shocked/surprised/scared when I spoke to them in Spanish. I've wanted to do that for a while.

Also building 4 of NPQ was struck by lightening. Some students had minor injuries. But one of the international students was videoing the storm when it happened. Half an hour later the fire department shows up with 3 fire engines and 2 regular vehicles. They start shining around the building. I went out and said, "I don't know if this information will help you any but lightening struck that corner of the building," and pointed. They asked if I could tell them a little more. I told them I didn't see it first hand but there was a video of it. They looked at the video. The student became very popular.

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