Saturday, June 12, 2010

Life as an Intern: Washington DC

The first week was amazing! Monday, Danny (the other intern) and I went to Crystal City to meet the boss. I won't go into a lot of detail with where we went or how we did it but we did get lost. Eventually we made it to the office, met the editor and other employees.

Wednesday is the official first day of the internship. Thursday is when it got real interesting though. We finally had our credentials to set up accounts. We got those. Then we also shot photos at a press conference that the staff reporter covered. My picture was chosen and not only did it run on the ARNews page, it even went on the front page of! (Click here to view the story and photo on the front page.)

Friday was our 4-hour day where we did not arrive until 1. I got to start working on my first story, even if I wasn't very productive. For once I even look forward to Monday! Amazing! I am enjoying my internship, class, and DC.

Bellow are some pictures of our apartment.

My bedroom is probably one of the smaller ones but I get it to myself so it isn't a problem.

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