Sunday, June 20, 2010

Public Transportation

In Jonesboro we take JETS for public transportation. In DC it is the metro rail or bus. O.K. I probably just confused some people right there. The JETS (Jonesboro Economic Transit System) has very few buses but it is the attempt at public transportation in a small city.

I love the public transit systems in big cities like New York, Chicago and DC. They make life easier. For the most part that is. The rails are great. The buses are O.K. when they actually run, which for some odd reason doesn't always appear to be the case. For instance, tonight it was going to be more than 2 hours before a bus that I wanted to take came through. I found another bus stop that I recognized the route somewhat and took it, not knowing where I would end up.

Of course, what would normally be a 10 minute commute in Arkansas turns into an hour ordeal in the big city. Waiting on the train, getting through the gates, walking to wherever you need to go can all be time consuming. Then there are those occasional malfunctions. Delays for whatever reasons. But on the road there are accidents.

But one thing I have found is a bad idea: certain times of day on certain lines. Sometimes the red line is packed wall to wall and it is very difficult to get on and off a train. Then there is the trying to stand up on the tain whith that many people crammed so close together.

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