Thursday, April 14, 2011


As I posted a few days ago, I don't usually remember most of my dreams. But lately I have been remembering more and they seem to have to do with going to Spain in September.

The first dream was a good one. The second one, however, was very strange and not so great. Last night I had a dream about having a bad dream.

I was in the airport, waiting on my first flight. The timetables said the flight would be boarding at 7:15a.m. It was 7a.m. and the airline still hadn't checked our bags or printed tickets for any of my group. We finally went to them at about 7:10 and asked. They apologized and opened the line. But it was too late. There was no airplane.

For some reason we began walking down some railroad tracks in the dark, in the woods toward the destination of the flight we had missed. After a few hours we ran into a train. It stopped and we were asked some questions. It turns out there was some pandemic disease and they had to test us for it. We all had to get on the train-- one section of quarantine and the other section of healthy people. The way they could tell was our speech. If it was normal we were fine. If it was gibberish the person had the disease. One person in our group failed and was separated.

The train dropped those of us who were healthy back at the airport. At this point we became annoyed. We got in a car and sped to a gas station. I tore open a map inside and started pointing and asked the gas station attendant where the closest airport was other than the one in the city. I noted we had tickets for a certain flight and had to get there before it left.

At this point I woke up. I have heard that the crazier a dream is, the deeper the sleep a person is in. If that is true I must have been sleeping really well last night and I woke up this morning surprisingly well rested! But why all these weird dreams lately? 

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