Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tornado Warnings

This isn't the first semester that we have dealt with tornado warnings at Arkansas State University. I can remember several instances, all the way back to my freshman year. Freshman year was the first experience of a tornado I had away from my family. It was the time that a tornado stayed on the ground for over a hundred miles. We had to take cover in the basement of Kays Hall.

In other semesters I remember going outside to watch the sky during the storm. One time it was on the third floor of the parking garage. Another time we stood outside North Park Quads and saw building 4 get struck by lightening.

Then there was tonight. We have had several warnings tonight. But at least only one caused a stir. The university police department sent out emergency warnings. I was in the library and they forced us all into the basement there. That was even more unpleasant than freshman year. The funny thing is, all those storms were north of here and moving northeast.

About 15 minutes later another warning was issued southeast of here. That storm was also moving northeast, but no police warning was issued. No "relocation" was required, even though it was more of a threat. Now I just have to stay in the library another 45 minutes and allow the rain to stop.


  1. something similar happened my first semester at ASU, but rather than it being Kays, Mesha, Caitlyn and I were stuck in the kitchen of the cafeteria (that's were they sent everyone who was in the union at the time). we were all squished in, but on a positive note, we had food

  2. Daisy- That was actually the same tornado. I remember that. It seems like several decided to take off before you had to take cover in the union again


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