Friday, April 29, 2011

Online Bible Study

One thing I have learned over the years and continue to learn is the importance of being with other Christians. The accountability and support other believers is crucial. What I have seen in my journey is without that accountability and support that I slowly drift away. I pray less and less. I read my bible less and less.

That has been the case this semester. I have been out of town a lot and out of church. Bible Study ended last semester. I had a class during Thursday Night's Together at the BCM. And sure enough my personal quiet time pretty much came to a halt. I finally made it back to Highland Drive Baptist Church on Sunday.

Now I am getting a group together for an online Bible Study over the summer and maybe continue it on into the next year or further if it is successful. We are using Facebook and Wordpress. On Wordpress each of us will be able to write blogs. Blogs can be any of  four topics (Bible, Life, Testimony, Prayer). Posts can be searched by topic or author. In addition, hopefully we can figure out exactly how the security works so that the guys can have a password and the females a password for more accountability issues. Along with that we will try to have different discussions on the Facebook group and even group chats.

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