Monday, July 18, 2011

Never Stop Learning

I heard that we never stop learning. Education is a life-long journey. I agree. If we aren't learning something, something is wrong.

Whether it be learning how to do something or a new fact, there should be something. One of the Human Resources employees asked me the other day how my internship was going. I responded, "Great!" And she asked if I was learning anything. I told her I think I learned something new every day. Whether it be a random fact, how to do something or just sharing ideas, there is always something.

Some of the lessons I have learned already include saving my work. Not only save it but copy the text before clicking save. I have had several times where I click save and everything locks up on me. I lose everything. Then there are other days where I learn something new about my job, the company, or computer programs.

Today I had the opportunity to do my job while learning at the same time. We went to the ranch to do a few interviews and we followed some of the participants around. Never did I think I would stand a foot from a beehive with them buzzing around. I was there to video and take photos but was able to listen in on the class being taught and learn a lot myself.

It really is nice to have a job you love.

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