Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

Another 4th of July weekend has come and gone and this one was great like all the others. Asuka came down for the long weekend. On Saturday we went to Perryville to see Heifer Ranch. Afterward we met some family in Little Rock and later went to dinner. There I got to see my aunt who I hadn't seen since 2007. After dinner Asuka and I went to her house to visit for a few hours before making it back to Sheridan where I passed out.

Sunday was just a relaxing day. We stayed up until midnight and then shot some fireworks. Monday we went to Conway and had lunch at my dad's house. We were able to visit my grandmother. And we made it to Little Rock to see the firework show. It was enjoyable but still not nearly as cool as the one I saw a few years ago in Red Bank, New Jersey. And last summer I was able to see fireworks in Washington D.C. But it was still enjoyable and I didn't have to fight traffic afterward. I had parked at the office, went out the back way and got on 440-5:30.

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