Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

The day started off normally. I was in my grandmother's house, next door to my dad's house, visiting my family. Then BOOM! Everything started getting weird. I heard the unusually loud boom and ran outside to the front porch to see what had happened. What I see is a plume of black smoke and some trees on fire across the road. I look up because I hear lot of engines humming in the air. When I looked up there were several dozen planes in the air engaged in a dog fight. They were flying very close to the ground and I saw the tail on a few with German markings. They were old planes from World War I.

Dreams intrigue me. Science doesn't come easy to me but if I were to study it, the brain would have to be the most interesting. Most of the time, I don't remember what I dream or even if i dream or not. I sometimes think it would be cool to control your dreams and often thought maybe the last thoughts before falling asleep were what you dreamed about. I tried to think about something to create a dream. It never worked.

Yesterday, I watched Night at the Museum with Asuka. It is possibly one of my favorite movies but this time I was pointing oddities out (living museum exhibits aside) such as how Larry, the new night guard, calls Cecil during the first night. The telephone was a corded phone, with an operator. That was obviously out of the time period. Cecil was at a party and just happened to be able to answer another wired telephone. Where were the cell phones? So there were some anachronisms there. Maybe that is what was going on in my dreams last night.

After seeing the German aircraft dropping bombs and engaging in aerial combat, ran to my dad's house. There had been no warning sirens. I hadn't heard anything about the threat of war. I had to go to my dad's house to see what was going on. Why were we under attack in the middle of Arkansas, of all places. Surely that information would be available on CNN, after-all it was huge news. But I never found out; I opened the door and woke up.

When I woke up I knew I had just had a weird dream and rolled over to go back to sleep. I had hoped to finish the dream but it didn't work. I don't remember if I had any dreams after that or not.  When I got up Sunday morning I still remembered having a dream. I knew it was a weird one. But I could not think of what it was. Then my memory was triggered a few hours later when I was going to CNN in real-life. It is funny how memories are triggered.

There are many places one can go to "interpret dreams." It is said that they are actually suppressed emotions displaying themselves in our subconscious mind.  So what are some of the things this could mean for me? I took a few guesses before looking at one interpretation website. My thoughts were that maybe I was at war with something in my life-- an idea or something. Maybe in my case Spain. Another possibility was that I was living something that was not in its time.

Here is what Dream Moods had to say:

To dream of a war, signifies disorder and chaos in your waking life You are experiencing some internal conflict or emotional struggle which is tearing you up inside. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are either being overly aggressive or that you are not being assertive enough. Perhaps you need to be prepared to put up a fight in some area of your life. On a more direct level, the dream may be reflection of current wars around the world and your personal feelings about it.
To see a bomb in your dream, indicates that you are going through a potentially explosive situation in your waking life. The bomb could represent repressed desires and unexpressed emotions that are on the verge of exploding or bursting if not dealt with soon. 
There were relatively few things in this dream to even look up. But those were the two I could think of. Terms such as "anachronism," "war plane," and such did not turn up any results. The whole concept is interesting.

How what we call dreams work may forever elude me but will probably never cease to interest me.

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