Thursday, November 24, 2011


Allow me to add a few more "thanks" to the previously posted list.

When I started cooking my Thanksgiving dinner, I had planned to have a little bit of tradition to the food. What I came out with had a little tradition mixed with creativity.

So I will start with the addition to the list: I am thankful I still have a place to live. I didn't catch anything on fire.

The meal was to consist of chicken breasts, sweet potatoes and a green been casserole. I had all of those ingredients plus some.

The casserole actually tasted pretty good. Last night I friend onions and made the cream of mushroom soup. This evening I mixed the soup and green beens and let them cook. While they slowly cooked, I prepared the chicken and sweet potato and left them to cook in the oven, along with some onions.

Because I was unable to find spices to make dressing/stuffing I decided to add pasta to the menu. I boiled it, drained it and added garlic and butter. After taking the chicken, onion and potato out of the oven I sliced the chicken and added it to the pasta. I added the onions to the green beans. I put the potato back in the oven for another 10 minutes as it was still hard.

I ended up adding spinach to the green beans to make it less soupy (and because I don't care for spinach and am trying to find ways to eat it without tasting it). I later added the fried onions. Everything was done cooking except the potato. When I took it out and it was still hard I was frustrated. I put it on the stove top and cooked it even more and it still stayed hard. I am convinced it wasn't a normal sweet potato or that Spain found some way to breed them with rocks.

I ate some of it. The green bean mess was actually good. The pasta and chicken mix was alright but not my favorite. The potato was horrible. That being said, if I am not sick tomorrow, I will yet again be Thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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