Saturday, October 31, 2009


The sun was out, and a light breeze blew, but no for long. Soon the group of ten students and one adviser were on the road. The drive was long. The smace was limited. But aproximately eleven hours later we all arived safely in Austin, Texas for the National College Journalism Convention.

Thursday and Friday we were required to attend five session. Saturday we only had to attend three. But the nights were ours for the taking. What kind of trouble could we get into?

Thursday a few of us went out and took pictures for an hour or two during the day. Later we had dinner. Some students went to the local clubs. Phrases like "Keep Austin Weird," and "Live Music Capitol" are all over the place. Other's of us came back to the hotel and enjoyed a quiet (or not so quiet) evening of homework.

The rooms do not have free internet. That makes so much sense! Anyone can walk in off the street and get free internet in the lobby. But if you are a paying guest at the hotel who wants to use the internet from the comfort of your own room, where it is not loud, you have to pay. But it is all good.

Friday we went to the state capitol building. It is about eight or ten blocks from the Hilton where we stayed. We went inside and looked around. We took pictures in and out. Some of the more interesting things were after leaving the capitol.

We were able to take pictures of people. Outside the building three people held signs for passing motorists to read. They dealt with global warming to the war. We passed at least four people who were wearing costumes. Did I miss that memo?

The sessions have been informative. Probably my most informative, but not boring session was on interviewing. I know that it is an area where I need to improve. I want to become a better interviewer.

All in all this has been a very educational and fun experience. I am glad I came. Most departments offer some kind of field trip at some time. If you are given the opportunity to go on one, take it. You learn so much more with the 'hands on' experiences than you do in the classroom.

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