Monday, October 12, 2009

Hello Sun!

Today is a nice day, especialy comparing it to other days in the recent past. There has been a break in the rain, and the temperature is perfect, even on the warm side. I am out of class for another half-hour, then I have one more class for the day.

Mondays are a very awkward day this semester. Of course, with this semester's schedule, most of the week is awkward. But on Mondays it is just annoying. From 8-9 I have a class, then frmo 11-12 I have a class, then another at 2-3. At 5 I have a staff meeting for The Herald. Then dinner around 6:30. I usually leave my room around 7:30 and don't return until around 8:30 that night.

Today won't be any different. But at least it is sunny. I actually dragged myself out of the cafeteria today to work on some homework. I came to a nice area on the south side of campus, between the engineering/lab sciences building, the library, the communications/education building and the art annex. There are some stairs surrounded by small walls where students can sleep. The real creative student might lay on one of the diaganol walls and take a nap.

The squirrels run up and down the nearby trees, and dart down sidewalks as students travel to and from classes and academic buildings. The noise from leaf-blowers echos across the campus, and random chatter can be heard from students walking by. The occasional ASU truck will drive by, and friends stop by to say hello. It may not be the most quiet place to study, but it is just nice to sit outside on such a day as this.

There is an occasional cool breeze that blows, but its not too windy. Plus, most of my work is on the laptop, though it is obvious I am procrastinating right now by posting this blog entry. I should probably start packing up and head inside the communication building now to prepare for my feature writing class.

Enjoy the nice weather!

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