Monday, October 5, 2009

The History of ASU

I just finished making some edits to a feature story I had to write for one of my classes. It is a historical feature on the Library. It took quite a bit of work in order to write the feature. I spent several hours in Archives, though at least an hour of that time was unnecessary, researching history.

One of the books that I came across was Voices from State: An Oral History of Arkansas State University written by Larry D. Ball and William M. Clements, both who work(ed) at ASU. I found myself engrossed in the book. All I needed to know was the history of the library. That is what I looked for while I was in the archives.

When I left, they informed me the book was available in the general collection. So from the Archives I proceeded to the fourth floor to find the book. Sure enough, I found it along with another book I had previously checked out. I grabbed it and headed to the circulation desk, and then to the cafeteria to have breakfast with my friends.

It turns out I was more interested in the book than them. I sat down with about five of my friends and ate my food. We normally sit in the cafeteria and talk for at least an hour during our meals. This time when I finished my meal, I pulled out the book. I spent the next 45 minutes reading instead of talking. I ignored them the entire meal.

I was captivated by the history. The majority of the book was written in quote format. The authors said a little bit about a topic and then would tell the rest with quotes from students, faculty, and staff.

Most students hear about the fire that destroyed the administration building. But did you know several buildings were severely damaged or destroyed in a tornado during the '60s? Did you know that there used to be an airplane hangar on campus? There was a ton of information in the book.

I admit, I was unable to read everything in it. Sometime when I have some free time--I can't believe I am saying this about an educational book-- I want to check the book out again and read it. I want to know more about the school I attend.

If you have not read about the history of Arkansas State University, I would definitely recommend those who attend or plan to attend investigate that history. It is entertaining and educational.

The history of Wilson is a good place to start.

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