Monday, January 18, 2010

Bad food vs. No Food

Cafeteria Food not so Bad
Most students who live in the dorms at Arkansas State are fully aware of the poor quality of food in the cafeteria most of the time. The selection, wait there isn't much of one, so scratch that.

There is the every night: pizza, grill, or deli line which is pretty much a constant. Then there is the soup line, you can count on chili, some soup that appears to be a mixing all the left overs from the past week, and then maybe a soup that is half-way decent but there is none left.

There is the international line. Most of the time there is not much variety in it anymore since one of their best cooks no longer works there. Count on Tofu fairly often. Sometimes the lunch and dinner menu are the same.

Then the market line. Oh, the market line. Sometimes good sometimes bad. You never know.

To make things worse, the menu's tend to be inaccurate. The food court is closed on the weekends. The cafeteria hours stink on the weekends. Hmm.

Don't get me wrong, sometime they have some good food. But more often than not its bad or mediocre. Saturday night I literally had cake for dinner because there was nothing to eat that was appetizing. I didn't want the same-o, same-o. I was tired of pizza and cheeseburgers. But there was food.

That is more than many people can say. Haiti has dominated the news for the last week or so. Those people don't have much of anything now. They need help. They need shelter, water and food.

I guess the cafeteria isn't so bad after all!

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