Saturday, January 23, 2010

Red WOLF Center

***UPDATE 2/11/10***
I was told yesterday that the lockers are actually free. I was told that after entering the area where the lockers you simply ask for a coin at the desk and they give it to you.

After many years of planning and constructing the new recreation center opened at ASU last Tuesday. But was it worth it? I say no.

According to an article in The Herald, the project cost $18 million.

How was that paid for? The article says students paid a five-dollar per-credit-hour fee. As of completion of the center, I have completed 85 hours of class. Therefore I have paid at least $425.

As if that is not enough the new recreation center is offering LIFETIME memberships to those who graduated before being able to use the Student Union or the Recreation Center. A lifetime membership. I paid for the new center for two and a half years. I get to use it for one and a half. That's fair alright.

Students who paid for four years get to have lifetime access while students who paid for almost the same amount of time don't have much time to use it at all. This is especially true for seniors graduating this May. They get to use it for an entire semester before losing privileges. That isn't right.

To make matters worse there are some new policies in effect. One such policy: no one can use the work-out room without having a towel. What? I never had to have a towel when it was located at the Student Union. And on top of the requirment, if you do not bring your own towel they charge you something like $2!

They charge students to build the place and then start making extra charges on top of everything else. I am going to be able to use this center less than the old one. Instead of promoting healthier lifestyles it is going to hinder me from using the facility.

I carry a bag full of bugs around with me every day for class. I don't have room to be carrying a change of clothes and a towel. If I go back to my room, that kills half an hour just going there and all the way back to the fitness center.

The new center looks nice and has some cool stuff but the new policies are unnecessary. Go ahead and charge for towels, but don't require them.

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