Saturday, November 13, 2010


Last night, I began my first application for what I consider a real job. It is basically a paid internship, but it lasts for up to three years. The job: teaching English in Spain.

I am hopefully in securing the position. It will be a great opportunity for me to help students learn English which is becoming more and more prevalent in the world, all the while I am learning Spanish for myself. Along with the work will be plenty of times for me to travel in Europe and improve my communication skills.

Along with learning Spanish and teaching English, it will provide another opportunity for me as well. My plan is to have two blogs while I am in Spain (if I get the job). One will be an English blog for my family and friends. It will be a travel blog. The other blog, if I have my way, will be a more feature/news type blog. I want to practice my Journalism skills in both Spanish and English. I will interview people and try to find interesting stories to write about. The second blog would probably be bilingual, with stories in both English and Spanish.

The application process is very long. Along with the application I have to work with government agencies in order to have my background checked, obtain a visa, and other things. I have two teachers who have already said they would write letters of recommendation for me. Even though it is not required, I will probably ask them to write the letters for me. I will also have to write a paper myself to submit with the application. Hopefully I can get the job in Huelva, where our university has a partnership.

This will be a really neat opportunity if I am able to get it. And for me I will call it my first real job because it is paid and it lasts more than a few months.

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