Monday, November 8, 2010


As if being sick isn't bad enough. I am sure the same concept will apply to those in the work force, but on top of the illness is all the catch up work that goes along with it.

I went to my classes on Friday with a sore throat. I thought it was just sinus drainage. By 7:30 that night I had a fever of over 100. Saturday I went to the doctor to find I had two infections. So then came the antibiotics. Friday night and Saturday I spent in my room, bored, and getting nothing done. Then came Sunday.

I was unable to go to the morning service because I hadn't been on the antibiotic for 24 hours yet. But I got to go to the library Sunday night in order to start catching up, although I am far behind. It is amazing how fast things can pile up. Procrastinating doesn't help.

Watching movies in Spanish and listening to Spanish music is a lot more fun than reading those stories in Spanish that are required for class on Tuesday. More to do tonight. More to catch up on.

(If it isn't obvious by now, I am running out of ideas for blogs. Any ideas, feel free to leave a comment.)

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