Monday, November 29, 2010

Final Projects

The end of the semester. That means Christmas break is just around the corner and only a single week remains of classes. That should be good right? But the thing is, we have a week and a day after Thanksgiving Break before Finals. Everything ends up being due when there is only a week left of class to work on it. I ended up spending 14 hours on Sunday to finish the following video/documentary for my Culture and Civilization: Americas class.

It did not come out exactly the way I would like. I didn't get the interviews I had planned on. There just wasn't enough time. I sent the emails to them and didn't get a response for two weeks, 3 days before the due date of the project. So I ended up having to do all of the narration. I am disappointed in the project but I did put a LOT of time into it still. On top of the 14 hours on Sunday, I probably put an equal amount or more of time into the research and gathering process in the weeks previous.

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