Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Government Phone Calls

I am beginning to think it would be easier to get in touch with a radio station by phone than a government office--at least at the federal level. All be it, the FBI is probably one of the easiest agencies to get in touch with. I have had two agencies, however, that either don't answer phone calls or don't accept them.

The first was the Consulate of Spain in Houston. After emailing the group in D.C., I finally got an email back from Houston and they informed me they don't answer the phone half of the time because they want to get work done in the office.

Now, I am trying to talk to someone in the Secretary of State's office about authentication. I have talked to the switchboard several times now and they said the authentications office will not answer calls before about 1 p.m. central time.

At this point I fear, as much as I loved D.C., I may have to go there unfortunately. I don't know how long the process will take, and will have to get the document authenticated so fast I might have to go there to do it in person. I have my fingers crossed that they finally talk to me on the phone so I can get an estimate on the length of the process.

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