Sunday, January 8, 2012

Flying By

New year resolution for 2012: Write no more than one blog per week. With that out of the way hopefully I will be better about blogging now that Christmas break is over. For those who don’t know I said I would make my resolutions this year the opposite of what I really meant since I never seem to follow through with them. 

Christmas break flew by. I made it back to Arkansas around 11 p.m. Christmas eve after almost 40 hours without sleep. And I pretty much stayed busy since. At least two days I spent geocaching. I managed to beat my daily record and found 10 one day. With the help of family I also hid my second geocache.

I was able to meet up with one of my friends during the break and of course see my family. I am sitting in the Memphis airport waiting for my flight to New York La Guardia now. I arrive around 12 p.m. to New York and have an eight hour layover during which I intend to visit the ground zero memorial before going to the airport to sit for three to four hours.  Then it will be off to Madrid and the journey back to Huelva. I just hope two weeks of no Spanish doesn’t hurt too bad. (They didn’t want to speak Spanish with a gringo in the restaurante mexicano…)

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