Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Break: Beginning

I spent the end of January filling out paperwork and writing essays trying to be accepted into the Institute on Political Journalism at Georgetown this summer. I was accepted and spent February filling out paperwork and writing essays for scholarships. Most of those I know did not pay off. Oh well.

But now summer break is finally here. I leave in about three weeks and head to Washington D.C. to intern with the Army News Service. I will have two classes at Georgetown, along with three-credit-hours at ASU for the internship. But I have to prepare for that internship. I don't have near the clothes that I will need. The dress-code is business casual. I needed a new wardrobe.

That, sadly, is how I have spent a lot of my vacation thus far: shopping. Shopping for shirts. Shopping for pants. Shopping for other supplies that I am going to need. But there have been a few breaks. I went swimming at Beaverfork lake the other day with friends. It was back to preparing today.

Pack for coming home. Unpack when I get home. Pack a lot of stuff back up for DC. Unpack some stuff I put up already that I wasn't taking because I find I need it. Pack it. Then of course comes the unpacking in DC, the packing up in DC the unpacking at home again, the packing to go to Jonesboro and the unpacking when I get there. So maybe the best way to sum up this summer is "pack and unpack."

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