Monday, May 3, 2010

Top Ten Stories 2009-2010

The school year is officially over. There has been a lot of interesting news from around campus this year. This is a list and description of some of the most interesting and largest news stories of the school year.

 1. Murder at ASU
An ASU student was shot in his on-campus appartment around 1 a.m. Police alerted students to stay in their rooms until further notice. About five hours later another text message was sent saying the situation was under control. He died about 24 hours after he was shot, in a Memphis hospital. The body was sent to the crime lab in Little Rock. UPD is still investigating the case.

2. Rape at a Fraternity
A girl was raped at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house. Police are continuing their investigation into what happened that night. An alert was sent out to students who are signed up for the text message Emergency Alert System.

3. Bomb Threat at the Library
One Monday afternoon campus police send out an alert through the Emergency Alert System in all caps warning students to stay clear of the library. They found a note in a downstairs bathroom saying there was a bomb in one of the bathrooms. The library remained closed the rest of the day and reopened the next morning.

4. Snow and ice shut down campus
Campus was shut down for several days because of snow and ice. One storm hit before the weekend so students had a long weekend. The snow never fully melted before the second round came.

5. ASU Rugby

 ASU Rugby made it to the top four. They played were scheduled to play another game on April 30.

6. ASU sends aid to Haiti
After a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, many people came together to aid that country. The SAB at ASU hosted a earthquake relief drive where students could bring certain items and they would be shipped to those in need.

7. Alcohol Policy
Various debates occurred over ASU's alcohol policy in the Shared Governance Process. Eventually a bill was adopted that had some specifications for where alcohol would be allowed and under what circumstances.

8. Roadblock
University officials wanted to block off another road on campus. If the plans had gone through Caraway road would run into university loop and end, start at Aggie and end at the north edge of the post office parking lot, and begin at Johnson and run to the south edge of the parking garage entrance.

9. Swine Flu
Swine flu was a major topic around the world. ASU had to make plans on how to handle any outbreaks. Some students did get the virus and had to be quarantined.

10. Faculty and staff honored
Faculty and staff members were honored for a variety of reasons at the Faculty honors convocation. Some received awards for their service, before retiring at the end of the semester. Others received awards for excellence in education, and others for advising.

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