Saturday, May 28, 2011

Busy Week

This was a busy week! Starting Monday I had very little free time. I posted on Facebook that I wished every day were like that Monday was. I got one comment back from a friend that disagreed and thought I was crazy. But working from 8-5, Monday through Friday, and sitting in a cubicle bored is no fun. I rather be busy.

It was nice. I took photos. I took video. I edited video. I edited stories. I posted stories. I edited photos.I attended meetings. In one week, I was using pretty much everything I learned.

And, I received my new diplomas that had Cum Laude on them. Things are going good. I love my internship and definately hope that they have an opening sometime in the future.

The worst part is living so far from Asuka and all of my friends. Hopefully, I will be visiting next weekend.

I am still waiting to hear from Spain. I would really like to get it wrapped up. If I don't hear anything by mid to late June I will just have to give up and start searching for a regular job or see if I can get my internship extended.


  1. do you have some of your intership works posted somewhere? i'd like to see them. my job is sometims (most of the time) really dull, so a trick i've come up with to pass time faster at my cubicle is i've put a post it on the bottom corner of my computer screen so that it cover the time display. it's kind of silly, but it really helps since i would ALWAYS look at the time and felt like it was crawling. now that i can't see the time, whenever i see people up and getting ready to go home & comes as a pleasant surprise. btw, is there a way to post a comment and now when you reply? sometimes i forget that i've left you a comment so i never come back to see if you have replied or not.

  2. I don't really know of a way to know when someone has responded to a comment. I tried the sticky note trick, but it didn't help. My phone has a clock too. But I have been trying to find ways to keep myself busy even if it is doing mundane tasks. I don't like to feel that I am not being productive.


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