Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Senior Year

Senior year came and went. Of course I remember it the best because it was the most recent, but a lot of noteworthy stuff also happened.

After spending the summer in Washington, D.C., I looked at the credits I had. When I returned to ASU, a week before the semester started, I talked to the Department of World Languages and Cultures. I finally, after three semesters and a summer semester of Spanish classes, declared a second major. It would actually show up; I would get a second diploma.

I would take all of my classes but one, each of my last two semesters, in Spanish. That was 15 hours first semester and 12 the next. One of the classes my last semester was an internship.

In November, I applied for a program in Spain where I would help teach English for a year. By April, I knew that I would be going. I have been working with that for a while and continue to work on the requirements.

In February I began dating Asuka. And in May I graduated with both degrees, from ASU.

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