Sunday, December 4, 2011

Going to the movies

Movies can be found probably in almost any culture. Often times they are translated into two or more languages. Today, I saw my second movie on the big screen translated into Spanish. Although the story and words were a huge disappointment.

The first time I went to the theater was in Huelva and I saw "Golpe de Altura" or "Tower Heist." I wasn't sure what to expect, it could be in English with Spanish subtitles, or simply dubbed in Spanish. Option two was the case, which was completely fine with me. It helps me to practice understanding Spanish.

Tonight I went to the IMAX in Barcelona and saw a 3D film called "Castillo Encantado," or "Haunted Castle." Despite the title, based on all of the other films at this IMAX I expected a somewhat educational film. Most of them were about aquatic life or Egypt. I expected this one to talk about historic castles and "haunted" in the sense maybe they would have "ghosts" telling about the castles or actors playing out lives of people that lived there. But that was not the case. Not only was the storyline wierd, there really wasn't all that much speaking. The film only lasted 30 minutes. (Luckily when there was speaking, it was in Spanish. At this theater I didn't know whether to expect English (being a tourist destination), Catalan (being in Cataluña, or Spanish.)

On the other hand, the graphics were great. I love 3D films that really come off the screen. This one did. Most of the story was told in a point-of-view perspective. The audience becomes the character in most of the scenes. And almost the entire film was like I was sitting with the screen two feet in front of my face. I was in the middle row.

I actually started closer to the back but then I realized it was the Spanish theater system. In both theaters I have been to, there is no selecting a seat. Each ticket has a row and a seat number printed on it. The ticket counter never asks for a preference. I am not sure if it is random or not, but I really don't like the system. I think it should be first come first serve, as it is in the United States. If they sell me a ticket in the first couple of rows I think I would probably ask for a different ticket.

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